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Most crimes committed with motorcycles remain unsolved
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Is there anything about motorcycles that hinder the police in their investigative work? Only around 10 percent of crimes committed with the use of motorcycles throughout the country during the first three months of the year have been solved, according to statistics from the Philippine National Police.

According to a document obtained by the Inquirer from sources in the PNP, at least 424 crimes committed with the use of motorcycles were reported to the police nationwide from January to March. “Of all these incidents, only 36 crimes were reportedly solved,” according to the document.

Of the 424 crimes reported, 156 were robberies in the form of hold-ups and snatchings. A total 150 of these crimes involved shootings, including 50 murders.

Region 11 (Davao Region) recorded the biggest number of crimes involving motorcycle-riding perpetrators with 70 out of the total. Region 12 (Soccsksargen) came in second with 56 while Region 4-A (Calabarzon) had 45 incidents.

In Metro Manila, a total of 11 crime incidents involving criminals on motorcycles were reported for the month of January. No statistics were made available for Metro Manila from February until the present.

Alarmed by the growing number of crimes committed by motorcycle-riding felons and the discrepancy between that number and the number of cases solved, the PNP leadership has reiterated its order for policemen to intensify checkpoints and the flagging down of motorcycle riders, especially those riding in tandem on a single vehicle.

While the order apparently explains the indiscriminate manner with which motorcycle riders are stopped by cops on the streets, the statistics show that this tactic has not led to an improvement in crime solving.

The PNP also ordered a mandatory check on persons in police and military uniforms sporting firearms riding either a motorcycle or driving cars.

The PNP leadership also reiterated its orders to strictly implement the “no plate, no travel” policy on motorists. Police personnel on the ground were also ordered to flag down motorcycles traveling in tandem with cars.

The PNP also reiterated its order to intensify the campaign to serve standing arrest warrants on known criminals.

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